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The XENON 4P Competences | Efficiency and Investment Security always in View

Which innovative solutions regarding mechanical and plant engineering can our customers expect? In which way does XENON secure a high efficiency and a lasting intrinsic value of your investments? How scaleable and flexible must modern automation be? How do we organize a realization in time of the transferred automation tasks and the fulfillment of all details of complex specifications?

We think that for this, 4 core competences are necessary: process technology , precision, productivity and partnership.

With Ď4Pí, XENON combines all services which are rendering our customers verifiable benefit - for more than 20 years.

Process know how

XENON has a vast experience with regard to the application of a multitude of process technologies in our plants. Due to the many years of close cooperation with the suppliers of the process equipment, approved concepts could be further developed. This way, it was possible to establish XENON standards for many process technologies which have been proven several times and are successfully applied in the manufacture all around the globe.

With the help of modern knowledge management techniques, and by the intensive evaluation of the knowledge gained from the current project work, the skills of our engineers and technicians are constantly further developed in the form of specializations with regard to the different process technologies.

XENON Technology Overview
Hardening, aligning, assembling, feeding, bending, drilling, bonding, flanging, dosing, pressing in, unpacking, lubricating, fluxing, joining, heating, identifying, marking, adhesive bonding, cooling, soldering, storing, measuring, riveting, oiling, shaping, testing, buffering, cleaning, screwing, welding, sorting, stacking, transporting, separating, drying, forming, overmolding, casting, packing, weighing, supplying

Automation especially for Precision and Micro Engineering

Regarding the customerís parts which are produced with XENON machines, a specialization in very small and often very delicate parts is evident. The processing of these parts requires a high safety and precision of the automatic machines. A high processing speed with short cycle times is also characteristic for these machines and - in the field of microsystems technology - the highest demands regarding the precision are made. In this case, the application of linear motor axes in combination with intelligent image processing systems is necessary in order to control the process. XENON has developed and realized highly precise assembly and inspection machines for this task as well.

Safety, Reliability and Flexibility for the Creation of Optimal Manufacturing Conditions

A high productivity of the manufacturing equipment is the basic requirement for an economically successful serial production. XENON includes all these characteristics and peculiarities of our machines under this competency, which are necessary for an effective and safe operation of a plant:

  • Modular construction with stable standardized machine cells
  • Flexible and scaleable degree of automation: stepwise extension from manual workplace up to the fully automated assembly line
  • Intelligent software based conversion concepts for a broad variant diversity of automated products
  • Short cycle times and high technical availability
  • High quality components for minimum maintenance requirements
  • Fulfillment of highest machine safety requirements
  • Simple intuitive usability and good ergonomics
  • Quick adjustment
  • Clear visualization (machine status, process result, statistics, ...)

Machines are made by Humans

Especially in the field of special machinery manufacture, partnership is a matter of course. The majority of the plants is constructed and manufactured according to the customerís specifications. For the compliance with the, mostly very tight, project plans, the close cooperation between XENON and the customer is absolutely necessary. We also involve our suppliers into this process.

For us partnership implies:
  • Professional project management
  • High delivery reliability
  • Open and honest style of communication
  • Good accessibility of all contact persons
  • Strategic cooperation with partners and suppliers
  • Intensive training for the operators and setters
  • Excellent after sales service