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Automotive Technology | A precursor for Innovation and Technology

The development of XENON in the automotive sector is closely connected to the growth of the automotive industry in Central Germany. Many well-known regional automotive suppliers use plants from Dresden for their manufacture. Today, XENON delivers complex assembly and inspection plants to customers from all over the world. Currently, the highest share of sales is generated in the automotive sector.

Frequently, in the field of vehicle construction, innovative ideas are for the first time used in large-volume production. Without sophisticated automation solutions for the realization of the large-scale manufacture of the products, a cost-optimized mass production would not be possible.

Moreover, automotive plants are characterized by the linking of a multitude of process steps. The trend towards the delivery of complete systems on the part of the suppliers of the automobile manufacturers imposes steadily increasing requirements on the automation technology as well. In the automotive industry, automated inspection machines are preferentially used for the quality assurance. For this reason, about half of the worth of the automatic machines commonly consists of stations with fully automated measurement, monitoring and inspection technology.

On the following pages, we are presenting the products we are manufacturing for the automotive sector. Those products are arranged according to different product groups. You will find exemplary solutions and references which will give you an overview of our performance and our competences.